9 Toothache Home Remedies

Toothache Home Remedies

Symptoms of a toothache can include a pounding head, sore gums, or a sore and tender mouth. If you have a toothache see your dentist ASAP. While you wait, use these home remedies to get some short-term relief for your toothache.

1. Saltwater rinse – Is one of the best home remedies you can do using salty water mouth-rinse. You can use this cost-effective rinse to soothe mouth sores, for pain relief after tooth extraction and reduce discomfort from a sore throat and tongue. Making a salt water-based mouth-rinse is easy.

Saltwater rinse recipe:
1/2 teaspoon of salt.
1 cup of warm water.

2. Hydrogen peroxide rinse – Gargling with hydrogen peroxide may help a sore throat in several ways due to its antibacterial properties. When you gargle hydrogen peroxide make sure you never swallow it.

Hydrogen peroxide rinse recipe:
Start with a 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide.
Combine one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water to create a concentration of 1% hydrogen peroxide.
Gargle and swish the mixture around in your mouth for 60 seconds. Don’t gargle the mixture for more than 90 seconds.
Spit the solution out after gargling.

3. Over the counter pain relieversDentists suggest acetaminophen for children. For adults, take your pick of over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen and naproxen.

4. Cold compress – If you have swelling, place an ice pack on your cheek for the first 24-36 hours. It may help ease the pain. Swelling could mean you have an abscess (a sac of pus and gunk deep in the roots of your tooth). An infection could cause serious infection in your jaw and other teeth. Signs include fever and red gums. Researchers believe ice stops pain signals to your brain.

5. Over the counter pain anesthetics – Apply pain-relieving gels and liquids directly to the sore tooth and nearby gums. They contain benzocaine, which will numb your mouth for a little while. This is considered a short-term solution.

6. Clove oil – This natural remedy numbs the pain. Rub it directly on the sore area, or soak a cotton ball and dab it against the tooth and gums.

7. Garlic – When you crush a garlic clove, you release allicin, an oily liquid that is a natural disease fighter. You do this by chewing a piece of garlic or placing chopped bits on your tooth.

8. Vanilla extract – Vanilla extract has alcohol in it. The alcohol will numb the pain for a while, and antioxidants in the vanilla may help it heal. Use your finger or a cotton ball to put a small amount on your aching tooth and gum.

9. Peppermint tea – A cooled peppermint tea bag may soothe your aching tooth and gums.

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